Yolonda Lee was born in Newark, New Jersey.; currently resides in South Jersey.  She attended and completed an accredited business school and pursued working in the public schools system for over 10 years. She then went on to work in the healthcare field for over 15 years. Yolonda decided to further her education at the Universal Theological School of Ministry of New York and graduated with certificates in the field of Evangelism and Theology. She has also completed schooling at the Faith Christian University and Schools having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Also Yolonda is a Licensed Real Estate Agent helping “Connecting People to Property”  agentyolonda@yahoo.com concerning realty.

Yolonda has poetry published in the following books: The Colors of Life – The International Library of Poetry, The International Who’s Who in Poetry, Great Poems of the Western World, and Poets of the Heartland – A Treasury of Beloved Family Poems on the CD. She also has three published books of her own entitled Poems of a Poetic Voice, Poems of a Poetic Voice II and A Relationship with Prayer. Yolonda has devoted most of her life to church fellowship, intercession and evangelism. She held a ministry “Latter Rain Ministries” for approximately five years.

Yolonda Lee is not only a writer who thinks like an artist, she sees like an artist. While some people look at life’s straight lines, its height, depth and width, Yolonda bends the lines with her imagination and turns black and white into shades of purple and green. In numerous conversations and in any environment, she thinks to herself and asks, do you see what I see? A few might, some do not, but she has aroused everyone’s inquisitiveness with an original and inventive way of thinking. Yolonda has the gift and mind of an original poet.


Poems of a Poetic Voice was derived out of Yolonda’s inspiration to write during many of her encounters in life. Whatever came to Yolonda’s mind and spirit was always expressed through writing. These poems are a collection of different experiences, dreams, and moments of inspiration for others.   To purchase Poems of a Poetic Voice click here.


Poems of a Poetic Voice II is the second book of poems written by Yolonda Lee which offers inspiration to the world thorough dimensional poetic writing. To purchase Poems of a Poetic Voice II click here.